Projector Success — A free 60-minute workshop 🎉

How to call in recognition and invitations through your unique gifts & energy

How to opt out of "keeping up"

Why consistency isn't necessary for your energy type

Join me to learn:

As a projector, you already know that that won’t work for you…

You’re no longer willing to compromise feeling aligned (and getting tons of rest!!!) for money.

You already know you’re an extremely talented human with gifts that only you can give.

But everywhere you look people are saying to hustle more, be consistent, grind, be productive… *barf*

You know you are great at what you do, heck you know you’re better than her at what you do. And it’s not that you don’t want to see her win… you do! But why is it not happening for you? 

Maybe you’ve made great money before in a past career or business, but you’re FINALLY ready to make that kind of cash through your soul's calling.

How to call in recognition & invitations through your unique gifts & energy (without having to “keep up” or be consistent)

Projector Success

that it is totally possible to live aligned with your design (I’m talking soul clients, naps, and working less than 15 hours a week) & receive an F ton of money.

But HOW do you actually create wealth when society seems to only value DOing??

The great news is

In my past life I made an F ton of money in oil & gas (I had a pension for god's sake!!)

But I knew that this wasn't my 'purpose'. I know that word is all muddled up, but like I wasn't meant to be doing this with my life. I could feel it in my bones. 

So I went out on my own and started offering nutritional services based on what I was doing at the time, but deep down I knew that if I could do anything... it would be to 'coach'

I loved leading and guiding and giving advice but I didn't think I was qualified enough, old enough, insert all the other 'enoughs' you can think of. 

& I'm a 5/1 Self-Projected Projector.

Hi, I’m Lauren

Feeling like I wasn't enough was simply conditioning and when I stepped into my strengths I was recognized and invited to share the things I was really passionate about. 

Then I found human design and realized that.. wait... I am a projector. I am literally DESIGNED to be a leader and a guide.

Making money through THIS felt like gold.

Like the dollars were just representative of how visible I was being in the world with my gifts. 

It wasn't dirty…there was no dissonance. 

Money became an energetic reflection of alignment. 

And I want that for you too. 

If that's what's correct for you.  

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