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Yes, I am a millennial and every single sentence of every email I write starts with an exclamation point! I have to go back and edit to not look like a psycho who is way too excited to talk to you. 

These pages are always so hard to write because as a projector we have penetrating auras (yes, a good enough reason to use the word penetrate). And we are here for the other, we see deeply into the other, but when talking about ourselves we are a little blind. It’s one of the reasons I love human design.

I spent a good portion of my life before human design trying, achieving and doing the thing that I thought I ‘should’ do. 

I found myself in a place where I had ‘made it’ on paper while spending my lunch break crying in my car. I was making six figures, had a 401k and a pension in the oil and gas industry by twenty two, but I wasn’t making any sort of impact and found myself having a daily existential crisis.

This can’t be my life, this is not my purpose, is this really it?

I truly believe that everyone is put here on earth with something that they’re meant to do and I knew that working as a cog in the wheel of an oil and gas corporation was not my purpose in this lifetime.

Which led to the guilt-shame spiral of I’m so lucky to be in this position, I know how many people would kill to be in my shoes. How dare I want more. 

So I did what any sane person would do and I started a side hustle trying to do something I wanted to do with my life.

Something that was fulfilling and successful, that allowed me to be an equal contributor to our household while also bringing meaning to people’s lives and making an impact. Something that felt like a worthy cause to spend my life on.

And I thought in order to do that I needed to be someone I wasn’t. 

So I tried that.

I tried that in corporate, and when I left corporate I tried that in my business and what it led to was more pain, resistance and suffering. 

When I found human design it was the first thing that felt like instructions back to myself. 

So I started doing things that felt like me. 

And I’m never going back. 

Outside of human design work you can find Lauren traveling with her husband Jeremy and spending all the time she can get at the beach in San Diego where she lives and likely, taking a new certification to help her clients create the futures they are designed to live into.

She also holds certifications in neuro-linguistic programming and time techniques, is trauma-informed, a clinical hypnotherapist, reiki practitioner, retreat leader, author and speaker.

Lauren went through the Human Design Business Consultant program through the International Human Design School (IHDS - BG5). 

I believe that the world needs you

It actually needs you to be MORE you. Less of the watered down version of yourself that’s a little worried about rocking the boat or being seen as too much. 

We are all uniquely wired for what we are meant for in this life and it’s my mission to help the projectors of the world to live their design, honor their energy AND still make the money that they DESERVE to make.

I see each person on this planet as a puzzle piece just perfectly formed to fit into the bigger picture, so when we are operating as ourselves that is the greatest gift we can give the world. 

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It’s time to unlearn

everything you think you know about why you don’t have the business you want, the clients you crave, or the headway you wish you were making in your business…

And learn how to actually trust yourself, so that you’re genuinely free from the pressure to be like anyone other than YOU

Get to Know Me!

I was born and raised in San Diego, CA and went to Michigan State for college (GO GREEN!)

I started my career in the oil and gas industry in Houston, TX specifically the lube sector… ‘ask me about my lube’ was a shirt my mom got me for christmas my first year there.

One of my favorite hobbies is laying… yes. Just being horizontal.

I’m a little bit of a conspiracy theorist, always questioning the narrative and looking for deeper meaning. I think this is my power view in human design IYKYK

My husband is a professional soccer coach so a lot of our lives revolve around games, teams and #sports.

I on the other hand have never played a sport unless you count novice water polo as a freshman in high school and I chose that to have something on my college applications and so I didn’t have to run.