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If you’re a Projector coach, course creator or service provider who doesn't want business to feel so hard

you’re willing to experiment doing business by tapping into your inner knowing

you’re willing to do things differently than you may have been doing them before

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A self paced life-changing program for the projector online business owner who is ready to be recognized for their gifts and call in more invitations than they know what to do with, finally receiving the clients, money, leads, and support the universe has been waiting to send your way.

A 3-month mastermind for the projector entrepreneur who’s already mastered getting their clients epic results and has the testimonials to prove it. They’re ready to create more ease and flow in their business, surrounding themselves with other projectors who get it. Starts August '23

Today is all about embodiment, transformation, and lifestyle--to show your audience how
great life is once they overcome their problem(the one that you help them solve with your

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Ready to Projectorfy Your Business?

Here's how we can work together

- Elsie

It was just so so helpful for me to be with other people attempting to go through what I'm attempting to go through, that want to experiment with this new way of embodying business and their lives. Not feeling like I'm alone. Seeing in other people the way that they're thinking about things or the way that they're trying to solve for things in a way that I actually am trying and doing the same thing, but I can't see it in myself. I can see it in THEM and then being able to have the fun and playfulness around that and what it's like being a projector in a world of non-projectors, you can't recreate that. Having Lauren there to lead and guide me through it and normalize everything almost on demand, being able to get coaching on things as they came up. That was like really huge for me, especially in the beginning because I'd be like, 'Oh my gosh, what do I even do with this' and then knowing that Lauren was there to support me and everybody else too.

- Dorothy

I got exactly what I needed, while feeling like I hadn't worked at all and that's my dream experience.

Bragging Rights

I work less than 15 hours a week and make 6+ figures in my business, though for me it isn’t even about the time. 

I am a quad right 5/1 self projected projector and my incarnation cross is the LAX of the Alpha. 

I am designed to give practical solutions and have two defined channels. 

The channel of awareness, allowing me to naturally empower others through my unique awareness showing them a way they could see the world in a new way.

The channel of the alpha that is all about leadership into the future for the collective and it is based on recognition. 

When I open instragram I have more invitations than I can possibly say yes to (a good problem to have). 

I live my life as a projector and I run my business that way too, in integrity.

And I’ve helped my clients cut their hours in half & double their income while resting more. 

For my fellow human design nerds 

I have been recognized by fellow projectors to lead and guide them into the new paradigm and share my unique insight, my whole business revolves around this. 

My business is built on my design. 


Cras ornare arcu dui vivamus arcu felis

The honest answer is, it depends on you and your current situation. Most projectors will noticable results in just a few weeks, with lot of major ‘aha’s’ just by listening to the lessons.

Like Robyn who “10 mins into the first video 'all things projector' and my mind is BLOWN. My eyes are welling up just thinking about this opportunity and all the goodness to come” 

Others might take a few extra months to go through the program at their own pace. There is no rush and no right or wrong amount of time, because you have lifetime access to the program. Remember, this isn’t a “quick fix” by any means.

Projectorfy Your Business involves five phases that take you through the alchemical process of aligning with your soul’s job description.

Some projectors will be ready to shift and will see an immediate, profound beneficial shift in their emotions and attitudes as soon as they learn how their energy works and why what they’ve been trying hasn’t been working for them…  

For others, or on some stubborn subjects, or places where we are deeply conditioned the process is less linear, and takes longer.

For example, like me you may have a quick shift or awareness in the ‘how you’re designed to show up’ and ‘wait for the invitation’ when it comes to selling your offer, but you might find you have to spend a lot longer untangling another layer of “stuff” before the shift happens for you.

It took me only a few weeks to drastically shift the way that clients were coming to me and inviting me to create offers, but it took me about a year of disentangling my pattern of feeling like my business needed to validate me and was representative of my value in the world, unwinding my layers of unworthiness before I arrived at the big “aha!” that made it possible for me to see my ‘work’ as something that got to be woven into my life rather than my purpose on this planet.

Which was annoying — and yet – once I did feel that fall away the way in which I operate my business and live my life has been huge and lasting.

The good news is, this program will equip you with the tools that you need to do this deeper work on your “conditioning” to know what it is, see when it is showing up and shift it in a lasting way.

And you’ll be benefiting from all the subconscious mind hacks I’ve learned in working with my own conditioning and those of others over the years and my subconscious mind transformation certification.

… plus even before shift occurs you learn a fuck ton about yourself and your patterns, and getting to know yourself is always a fabulous idea, especially as a projector who is really here for the other and may have a hard time seeing themselves.

Cras ornare arcu dui vivamus arcu felis

Step 1
Purchase the program for $1111 or 3 monthly payments of $407.

Step 2
You’ll receive an email with your log in information for Projector Portal
You’ll have immediate access to the first modules so you can start right away. 

Step 3
Log into the Portal and watch the Welcome Video

We recommend going through just one phase every week to give you time to absorb, integrate, and implement the lessons.

The most successful projectors take time to practice and embody the material, rather than just rushing forward.
We highly value practice and personal experience over theoretical knowledge. Living your design takes a lot of awareness, allow yourself to see the world through this new lens.

Cras ornare arcu dui vivamus arcu felis

You’ll have lifetime access to this program. Lifetime meaning as long as I am hosting this program on the kajabi platform.