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Learn to work with your fluctuating energy in a way that sets your business up to welcome in more clients and profit without sacrificing your life

Move forward knowing you’re building, growing, scaling in a way that leverages your energy flows AND creates massive impact. 

Make decisions that are correct for you, stepping out of the generator conditioning that constantly tells you to do more and takes you right out of the flow

Collaborate in a safe, FUN, space, opening up to and accessing new ideas that work for you as a projector in a community of people who GET it.

So that you can … 

You know how to bring your visions to life, you have built your business from the ground up and you see elements of your vision board in your everyday life and you know more is available to you.

You’re ready to practice and play with creating those visions in a way that feels so good, flowy and aligned to every. single. part .of you. 

You’re ready to raise your standards not just on what comes to you, but how it comes.

You’re meant for luxury, Not to settle for average. 

You know how to create results in your business.

You have the glowing client testimonials to prove it.

Dearest Projector, you are meant for more. 

You’re meant for ease and Projector Playground is the key to slide into that. 

You want to experience success the way you were designed to, instead of feeling like you need to push and force your way to results.

LOVING the work you do, but feeling a bit annoyed because you’re not being fully seen or getting the recognition you deserve

Operating in the time = money paradigm even though you KNOW that’s not the only option, but you have no idea how to break free from it

Feeling like you have to endlessly perform, work hard and prove yourself because deep down you still feel like it isn’t allowed to be easy.

Using thought work to force yourself into doing the things that have worked for your coaches because you don’t know any other ways to run your business – even though it usually just leaves you bitter & burnt out

Spending a majority of your day in front of a screen when you’d rather be out on a boat, walking your dog, coaching with clients on the go.

Maybe some of this sounds familiar:

Feeling like you need to constantly strive to be better, be different – instead of trusting yourself to show up in YOUR unique energy and still be a million dollar CEO

You may be starting to get resentful of members of your audience when they don’t sign up for your programs, but you don’t know how to create the boundaries you need to keep you at peace in your business.

You may fear taking on too much because you don’t want to experience burnout.. again… plus you’re not even sure what your capacity to “do” is anymore. 

You want to continue to help your people, you have a process that gets your community results and you want to do this for life, but you’re tired of sacrificing your personal life, free time and mental health for your business. 

You've sold your thing before. You can push through, you can ramp up, you finish each year strong. There isn’t a problem on paper, but your body is suffering. 

No longer dreading the day of the week when your calendar is so jam packed that you don’t have time to eat. 

Imagine only needing to show up to do the tasks you really love while your business continues to grow

Knowing exactly how to find deep, lasting success as a Projector business owner and really knowing and trusting that the way you see the world and what you share is enough

Waking up without an alarm, 
Spending your morning drinking coffee on your patio cozied up in your pajamas, connecting with yourself before you let the rest of the world in. 

Opening up your Instagram and finding invitations in your DMs and ‘You got paid’ emails in your inbox. 

Having a calm clear knowing that you’re on the right path, and you’re sharing your gifts with the world. 

Making more while working less
whether that means scaling back 1:1 clients, making more money with fewer launches, or transforming your offers 

Knowing exactly how your inner authority works, and actually following it. Never second guessing your strategy because someone else thought you should do it differently. 

Making correct decisions for you in your business, with far less time and energy spent in indecision, fear and asking everyone else’s opinion on what they think you should do. 

Living in full alignment with your design, feeling deeply successful each day and having an open and spacious schedule that allows you to play, weaving your work into your life rather than your life into your work. 


…knowing exactly what to shift in your business to make it work with you, rather than feeling like it’s working against you. 

How would it change how you feel about yourself and the world if you knew you could fully trust yourself …

… To know in your soul and with every fiber of your being that you are designed to create a bigger impact & touch more of lives WITHOUT ever feeling overextended or burnt out, and to have the real-world results to prove it.

… To rest without the guilt for all the things you think you ‘should’ be doing with your time, knowing that the clients are coming to you not in spite of the rest but because of it

All of this is possible for you… 

How would it feel to have MORE money, clients & success while drastically decreasing your effort? 

- Dorothy

“Yes, projector playground is centered around business. But personal life stuff comes up and you know that that shit interferes with work, you can bring it all. Your design applies to all areas of your life.”

In 2021 I launched 5 times, we're in 2022 I have launched once. And I've made the same amount of money. Those are the internal changes on the back end that have been made to create that kind of result

You’re just gonna feel so seen. And so recognized inside Projector Playground. 

I think my biggest thing to say and share about that is just that you don't have to learn every thing about human design. I'm like, no and nor do I care. Like just tell me what applies to me.

I think if anyone's on the fence because they're like, oh my gosh, I don't know anything about human design. I don't even want to learn everything there is to know about human design. I just want to use it. That's fine, because I didn't know fucking anything, I don't know about anything about human design. Yeah, I just know that projector and I barely knew that that meant. 

Don't feel like you have it all or that you're gonna be forced to learn it all just come take what applies to you do you think that's the beauty of projector playground is having someone just like interpret the knowledge because it's like there's some things that all work together to give you comfort there is to protect

 it will blow your mind, it will change everything

Projector Playground

Your Life Before:

Your Life After:

Projector Playground

So if any of the above resonates, then I can’t wait to play together. 

Yes! I’m ready for Projector Playground!

This is for you if...

You’ve been in the entrepreneurial game for a bit. 

You know how to create results and make money, and have the client testimonials to prove it, now you’re ready to do it without the stress and burn out.

You have a solid foundation, are confident in the power of your work and are proud of the results you get for your clients. 

You just found out you're a Projector last week OR if you've been trying to figure out how to make your Human Design work for you for years - you don’t have to know Human Design as a system to get the most out of this program.

You're willing to allow yourself to do things differently than you've done them before

You’re ready to make a decision from your next level self, expand from a whole new foundation, and live into the person you were designed to be…

This is for you.

Friends for life, previous rounds of projector playground have group text threads, visit eachother in their respective cities and invite each other to their weddings. These are deep connections being formed. 

A community who GETS it, this isn’t a place where people are going to be pressuring you to do more, strive harder but rather understand how your energy works and see you in a way that you see other people. 

An expert guide, (me) Lauren has gone through the BG5 certification through the International Human Design School to learn how to apply the concept of Human Design specifically to business. 

What's Included:

Here’s What’s Included:

3 ninety-minute calls per month 

Call 1 will incorporate an element of your design, where can we expand into the potential of that area, leverage it for growth and learn how our energy works on a deeper level 

Call 2 will be based on the mastermind component, you will come to the call sharing what has been coming up for you and receive guidance from your fellow projectors and me as the facilitator. 

Call 3 will incorporate either a healing modality or a training call based on what has been coming up for the group to help you work through challenges & become more aligned. Examples are tapping through bitterness, hypnosis for visibility, etc. 

Tech channel including audio messages for in between session support and community 

I help Projector online business owners and coaches break free from their 'shoulds' in life and create businesses that allow them to live life on their own terms leveraging the power of their human design. 

I run a six figure business working 15 hours a week and am very intentional about running my business as a projector. 

I’m Lauren Armstrong

Your Guide

In integrity. 

For my fellow human design nerds I am a quad right 5/1 self projected projector and my incarnation cross is the LAX of the Alpha.

I am designed to give practical solutions and have two defined channels. The channel of awareness, allowing me to naturally empower others through my unique awareness showing them a way they could see the world in a new way and my channel of the alpha that is all about leading into the future for the collective and it is based on recognition.

I have been recognized by fellow projectors to lead and guide them and share my unique insight, my whole business revolves around this. My business is built on my design.

I am certified through the international human design school (IHDS) for Business Consulting (BG5), as well as certified in subconscious transformation, and am a Reiki Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Speaker and Retreat Leader. 


What happens after I enroll?

Step 1

Submit your $500 deposit to hold your spot.

Step 2
You’ll receive an email with your log in information for Projector Playground and the call dates so you can add them to your calendar.

You’ll have immediate access to the first modules so you can start right away. 

Step 3
Log into the course site and watch the Projector Playground Welcome Video.

Step 4 
You will be added to the tech community the weekend before our first call.

We highly value practice and personal experience over theoretical knowledge. Living your design takes a lot of awareness, allow yourself to see the world through this new lens.

Will this program always be available?

No, Projector Playground runs August - October and February - April.

This is a small group container and has limited spaces available

Can’t I just learn this in a book?

Most human design books fall into two categories

1) People sharing their stories about how human design has changed their lives and businesses. I’m an author in this category

2) Textbooks which break down the mechanics, but not necessarily application, that book is coming from me ‘soon’. 

You can keep trying to figure out all this human design stuff out on your own and mix-and-match a bunch of random instagram post screenshots and readings and downloadable pdfs that *might* show some small results…

Or you could be led by an expert guide (me) who will point out what applies to you and exactly how you can leverage it in your business. That’s personalized support.

Can I work 1:1 with Lauren?

Lauren takes on a limited number of clients each quarter. Learn more about working with her privately here :

apply for projector playground

And learn how to actually trust yourself, so that you’re genuinely free from the pressure to be like anyone other than YOU.

It’s time to unlearn everything you think you know about why you don’t have the business you want, the clients you crave, or the headway you wish you were making in your business…

Let's play.