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Working with Lauren

There are a couple of ways to work privately with lauren

living your energy, without judgment or pressure to be someone you’re not.

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Human Design Session 

For the person who wants to learn how they're energetically wired to move through the world. An explanation of your type, strategy, authority, profile, defined and undefined centers Answer to any specific questions you may have about your energy and your business. I'll share your unique strengths and how you can use them in your business and life. I can't wait to share how you're wired exactly what you're meant for!

Single Session

$333 per session

To begin your journey with Lauren, you can start out with a one hour deep dive. You have a couple of options to choose from depending on what you would like support with. When you submit payment you will be redirected to the booking calendar to pick a time that works for you. If you're not sure which option to choose grab a Human Design Session and the intake form will help inform where we go from there.

In these deep dives, you will walk away with new insights and a path forward unraveling more and more of you. From these sessions, you and Lauren can decide if a coaching container of 3 or 6 months, may be a best next step. 

Have you noticed yourself running patterns that are keeping you stuck or small taking away from who you are and who you are here to be in this life?⁠ In a deconditioning session we will leverage subconscious transformation to decondition beliefs and identities that show up in our open or undefined centers. Your human design chart is a map to where your conditioning may be playing a role.

* LIMIT ONE SESSION PER CLIENT PER 3 MONTH PERIOD, If you're desiring more support let's chat about a 3 or 6 month container 

Deconditioning Session

This is the perfect session to book when you feel like there are two conflicting internal parts of you. When you find yourself unable to move forward and seemingly stuck I usually find that a part of you doesn't feel safe in the new endeavor. These sessions help resolve the conflict between these internal parts using subconscious and somatic work. 

Parts Work

 Grab A Deconditioning Session

Grab a human design session 

Grab a Parts work Session

Deconditioning Session

you're looking for a blend of strategic and energetic based on your unique energetic makeup - no cookie cutter strategies here...

you’re interested in tapping into your body, patterns and protectors to elevate your business

you’re willing to do things differently than you may have been doing them before

We're a good fit if....

Deconditioning Session Testimonials

My chart info

I am a quad right 5/1 self projected projector and my incarnation cross is the LAX of the Alpha. 

I am designed to give practical solutions and have two defined channels. 

The channel of awareness, allowing me to naturally empower others through my unique awareness showing them a way they could see the world in a new way.

The channel of the alpha that is all about leadership into the future for the collective and it is based on recognition. 

I love seeing YOU in all of your unique essence so here is a little bit about me in mine. 

I live my life as a projector and I run my business that way too, in integrity.

And I’ve helped my clients cut their hours in half & double their income while resting more. 

For my fellow human design nerds 

My business is built on my design.